Ty "The Hair Slayer" Johnson is a young and successful self-taught Natural Hair Care Specialist and Hair/Beauty Business Coach born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.

Although Ty is only twenty one years old, she has been perfecting her craft and building her empire in the hair/beauty industry for over eight years. With these years of experience below her belt, this young entrepreneur has effectively provided natural hair care services to over 700 clients in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas.

At the age of 19, Ty officially founded The Slay Experience LLC (established 2018).

"The Slay Experience is more than a just a brand. You can ask any one of my clients or customers. Once you've invested your time and energy into my business, you are in for an experience you will never forget."

- Ty Johnson, Owner

As an advocate for healthy hair, Ty has more to offer than your typical Hair Stylist. Rather than solely "styling" her client's hair, she specializes in caring for her client's natural hair as well as teaching her clients how to properly care for their hair at home. Being knowledgeable about natural hair, Ty understands that every client is different and she takes great pride in both learning and catering to the needs of every client that sits in her chair.

Did you know?

While The Slay Experience LLC originated as a business offering hair services to the community, it has grown tremendously over the years -- now offering hair/beauty products to customers, training for upcoming cosmetologists, business coaching for hair/beauty brands, and more!

In 2019, Ty introduced her first eBook titled "A Guide to Healthy Hair: Natural Hair Edition". Containing six different topics, this eBook was designed to assist textured-haired women with determining their hair type as well as caring for their hair in between salon visits.

In 2019, Ty also launched her own Satin Sleepwear Collection consisting of different style satin bonnets, braid bonnets, satin scarves, satin pillowcases, and more.

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